About us

Hello! We are EVSKY and we are ready to tell the world about you

EVSKY has been performing light shows since 2020, working with such brands as Samsung, IQOS, RURIS and many others.



Who we are

EVSKY team members are pioneers of large-scale drone shows and experienced professionals and inspired artists with years spent in the event field.

We work hard to widen the possible boundaries of this technical miracle and provide you with a second-to-none service today and in the future. United in our passion to push the limits of art production, we love what we do and explore what we are capable of.

Being one of the leading companies on the market, we struggle to tell amazing stories to your audience with our swarms.

Custom Shows

We deliver large-scale aerial light shows using numerous colorful drones in custom formations.

3D Animations

Artistic 3D animated drone sculptures capture life-like movements of figures, such as animals or people in realistic motion.

Pyro Shows

We support an ancient amusement with brand new possibilities by launching fireworks from drone swarms.

In-house production

We develop and implement the best swarm technology solutions.

CAA Permits

We follow global drone regulations and standards for you to be safe while enjoying the show.


We offer 24/7 support to our partners that uses our equipment.

Meet our team.

Meet our team.

the best people to support your project

Madalin Preda

Creative Director

Ana Mariuta

Digital Media Artist