Our Technology

In-house production

We develop and implement the best swarm technology solutions.

Key Features

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High stability and accuracy

Reliable dual-frequency global navigation, high-speed animation, and incredible flight stability.

Brighter than ever

High-efficiency LEDs ensure visibility within 5 km and more.

Lightweight yet powerful

With a weight less than 500 g and powerful motors, our drones provide exciting flying experience and are easy to get required permits.

Cutting Edge Drone Show Software

Industry-leading Technology

Advantages of using EVSKY Control

EVSKY Control is the ultimate tool for professional drone show and drone fleet management. EVSKY Control provides smart tools for the preparation and configuration of drone fleets before a drone show, as well as several viewports (2D, 3D, list, compressed) and individual/group control options for monitoring and executing the show with maximal safety, including the secure handling of critical situations.